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October 2016
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Topaz Industrial Engagment Ring

Definitely one of the piece’s i am most proud of this year.This setting is bullet proof, hands down¬† one of the strongest settings I have ever designed.

topaz industrial ring open topaz industrial ring closed topaz industrial ring closed top view

Stainless steel various Buckles, Zipper tag & name plate

Just a few other samples from the briefcase project.

buckle / zipper tag & name plate sample

Stainless Steel strap clips

Another part of the laptop brief case project was this very intricate clip for the shoulder strap, along with the D-ring it was clipped onto. Size of this clip was around 1 1/2 long x 1/2 in width.

clip-sample1 clip-sample2 part-10-d-ring

Stainless Steel bag accessories

These piece’s were probably some of the most interesting an challenging piece’s I’ve had to make in a while. They were designed for a local designer doing a line of laptop briefcases.¬† The first components were the piece’s that held the handle to the top of the bag. Integrated into the piece was a small d-ring that would flip up when the user wanted ti attach a shoulder strap instead of using the handle on it’s own.

handle buckle-2 handle-buckle-3 handle-buckle-4

Mama’s gunna knock you out

Happy Mothers day to the best mom in the world. This double finger ring will be a very good fit!


Stainless & Sapphire flower pendant

A good friend of mine received this piece as i gift from her husband. The tiny pink sapphire was a very nice accent to the piece.

Sapphire flower pendant

Stainless necklace with Diamonds

I really enjoyed making this piece, the arganic shape lay on her neck and chest just perfectly. Very elegant, yet subtle at the same time.

necklace2 necklace1

Titanium bracelet

Custom made Titanium bracelet


Custom Stainless Carabineer

Custom carabineer for a clients keys


stainless steel money clip

Designed for a local record label, I custom made this spring loaded money clip from 316 stainless.

saboteur-clip-1 saboteur-clip-2 saboteur-clip-3